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Children Cartoon Car Seat Belt Pillow

Children Cartoon Car Seat Belt Pillow

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FUNTIONAL COMFORT AND SAFETY PAD: This safety shoulder pad adds comfort and protection for children during car rides, with extra cushioning around the shoulder area to reduce seat belt abrasions.

HIGH QUALITY COTTON GENTLE AGAINS A CHILD'S SKIN: Made from high-quality, soft and breathable fabric that is easy to clean, this pillow shoulder pad is gentle against a child's skin and with cartoon character design that kids will love.

EASY ISTALLATION: Easily attaches to the seat belt and adjustable to securely fit around a child's shoulder, providing a safe and comfortable fit. Positioned on the child's lap, over the seat belt, to supply a more relaxed and secure fit.


  • seat belt digging into child's skin,
  • protects clothing,
  • holds children's heads while sleeping,
  • secures and guards against unexpected movement in a collision 
  • boring kid's time during long trips

VARIETY OF SIZES AND ADORABLE DESIGNS: adds a touch of fun and personality to any car ride. With its adorable cartoon design, it is sure to become a beloved accessory for children of all ages for both genders: Panda, Crocodile or Alligator, Monkey, Lion, Fox, Dinosaur, Unicorn, Calf, Giraffe, Bear or Spaceship

MUST-HAVE ACCESSORY: Overall, the super cute cartoon Children Car Seat Belt Safety Pillow shoulder pad is a must-have accessory for any parent who wants to ensure their child's safety and comfort while traveling in the car.

IMPORTANT TO READ: It is important to note that the pillow should never be used as a substitute for a properly installed car seat or booster seat, and children should always be secured with a seat belt or harness that is appropriate for their age, weight, and height.

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