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Energy-recharge Mask with Wireless Headphones

Energy-recharge Mask with Wireless Headphones

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DAILY ENERGY- RECHARGE CHOICE: for regenerative Power-Nap, travel, shift work, yoga, relaxation, insomnia, audiobooks, meditation & suitable for home, office, car rest, blocking the light of electronic devices. The solution for you sweet deep sleep without snoring noise, side or problem sleeper, everywhere You are or while traveling.

LIGHT-NOISE BLOCKING3D ERGONOMIC TECHNOLOGY: ultra soft adopted for eyes area with NO pressure, eye make-up protection and block out 100% of light to create absolute dark zone and listen to music without wearing additional headphones

BREATHABLE WASHABLE SLOW-REBOUND MEMORY SPONGE: designed with breathable skin-friendly material and comfortable feel, smooth fabric let you release your facial stress and help get into sleep rapidly. After taking the bluetooth moudle and wires OUT, recommend to wash the mask by hand with warm water.

BUILT-IN UPDATED BATTERY: the premium high-performance battery Charge about 2-2.5 hours, provide more than 10 hours playing time, won’t be waked up at night, You can sleep peacefully all night.

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