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Silicon Wiper for vehicle maintenance

Silicon Wiper for vehicle maintenance

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HIGH QUALITY TOOL: the silicon car wiper delivers dry surfaces in moments and is the perfect way to prepare for further vehicle care and maintenance.

NON-SCRATCH SILICON WIPER: this Professional equipment for removing water from your car after washing. Its super flexible silicone adapts perfectly to the contours of your vehicle, it's gentle and doesn't leave any scratches or damage on the car paint. It's the perfect tool for wiping down water, removing dirt and grime from your car and windows.

GREAT T-SHAPE DESIGN: T-shape designed innovation on the silicone blade is attached directly to the handle. Water and other liquids are much more efficiently, quickly, easily removed from bodywork and glass – in just one wipe.

NON-SLIP HANDLE: Sturdy handle is reliable for a comfortable, easy grip so that the water blade does not slip during use. You can use the silicon wiper with or without gloves.

SAVE TIME - MULTIPURPOSE USE: first wipe it over the paintwork on the car roof then over the glass, holding the Silicon Car Wiper at a slight angle so the water runs off, and only applying a small amount of pressure. Repeat as required. It's not only for car body drying, cleaning automotive glass, but also for bathroom mirrors, shower door, windows, marble tables, wall tiles and other polished surfaces. It's perfect for use after a rainstorm, car wash, convenient for your daily use.

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